Up and Coming Events 




16th July

9am-9.45am - Classes 2 & 3 Celebration/Transition Parent Meeting

17th July

1.30pm & 6.15pm - Yrs 5/6 Production to parents - tickets required

Last day for Class 1 children

18th July

Yr 3 DT Moving Monsters Day

19th July

9am - Yr 6 Leavers Assembly - Parents invited

am - Year 4 swimming

pm - Year 5 visit the park for an end of term treat

3.15pm-5.15pm - Yr 6 Leavers' Party

20th July

1.15pm - School Finishes



5th September

Term 1 begins

12th September

3.30pm - Yr 6 SATS Parent Meeting in Class 14

13th September

6.30pm - Yr 6 SBS & DGS Parent Meeting in school hall

19th September

All Day - Yr 6 visit Oxford Natural History Museum

21st September

All Day - Yr 1 Dragon Dress Up Day

26th September 

All Day - Yr 4 trip to Sulgrave Manor


28th September

1.30pm-3pm  Lacrosse OPEN Training event @ LPPS

2nd October

am - Circus Adventure Performance Workshops - FS & Yr 1

3rd October

Yr 5 visit the Living Rainforest

9th October

2.40pm FS Mystery Readers

10th October

2.40pm - Yr 5 Open Classrooms

12th October

8.50am-9.20am - Yr 1 Open Classrooms

11th October

1.30pm-3pm - Yrs 5/6 Girlst OPEN Football Tournament

15th October

Individual School Photos

17th October

PALS Christmas Card Collection

5pm-8pm - Parent Meetings

18th October

1.30pm Cycling Test

2.40pm FS Mystery Readers

3pm-6pm - Parent Meetings

19th October 

 Term 1 finishes at normal time