Up and Coming Events 


12th February

1.30pm - Cycle Test - selected Year 5 children

Parent Meetings - C10 and C12 Parents only

13th February

Year 4 International Day @ DGS

Parent Meetings  

14th February

2.40pm - FS Mystery Readers

Parent Meetings  

15th February

Term 3 finishes at normal time



26th February

 2.40pm - FS Mystery Readers

4th March

 3.30pm KO - St Nicholas v LPPS football match

 3pm-6pm - ASC in Class 1 (staff meeting in hall)

6th March

 6.15pm - Poetry Verse Speaking Competition - Final

7th March

WORLD BOOK DAY - more details to follow

8th March

 7.30pm - PALS Quiz Night

12th March

 pm - Choir depart to Oxford re: Primary Pops Concert

14th March

 2.40pm - FS Mystery Readers

15th March


18th March

 pm - Piano concert to parents

20th March

 3.30pm - Hill End Parent Meeting - in year 4

21st March

 am - Weighing and Measuring for FS & Yr 6 children

25th March

 2.40pm - FS Mystery Readers

30th March

 PALS Easter Hunt

2nd April

 1.30pm - Cycle Test for selected year 5 children

 1.30pm and 6.15pm - Yr 4 Production to Parents - tickets required

4th April

 2.40pm - FS Mystery Reader

 Last session for Class 1

5th April

 1.15pm - School FInishes