Click here for School Effectiveness Team Roles and Responsibilities 2019-20.


Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Markham

Headteacher, Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Elaine Li-Koo

Deputy EYFS & KS1

Carly Clarkson

Deputy KS2

Carrie Barringer

Inclusion Manager

Keely Cook

Early Years Leader




Foundation Stage / Key Stage 1 Teaching Team:

Keely Cook

Early Years Leader and Classteacher

Mary Houseman


Lucy Storer

Foundation Stage Classteacher

Katy Manthorpe

Classteacher, Year 1

Jo Hicks

Classteacher, Year 1

Emily Cackett

Classteacher, Year 2

Ashley Francis

Classteacher, Year 2


Key Stage 2 Teaching Team:



Lucy Stott

Classteacher, Year 3, 0.8


Cress Lai

Classteacher, Year 3, 0.2


Zoe McLauchlan

Classteacher, Year 3


Naomi Loveless

Amber Parsons

Classteacher, Year 4

Classteacher, Year 4


Rebecca Shepherd

Classteacher, Year 5


Gemma Fowkes

Classteacher, Year 5


Claire Shorrock

Classteacher, Year 6


Heather Manthorpe

Associate Teacher, Year 6


Cathryn Fernandez

Classteacher, Year 6, 0.4


Vicky Owen

Classteacher, Year 6, 0.6








Support Staff




Carol Turner




Caroline Humphries

Anne Addison

Alex Meyer

Joanne Foster                      Isabelle Brack

Julie Browne

Tracey Boden-Selvidge

Lisa DIxon

Sue Segal                              Helen Pitt

Sarah Cheetham

Maria Cheshire

Christine Forgan

Seth Humphries                  Fiona Cowdrey

Sarah Coleman Kalinda Guiry Cath Deacon Alison Jones            Mary Houseman
Vanda Thompson Sara Wigley Sally Andrew Heather O'Malley            Sheila Tuckwell
Stacey Eccles Marianne Derjean Rebecca Stratton Rosie Church



Office Staff:




Sarah Richards-Turner, Office Manager

Sam Riley, Bursar

Heather Jones, Finance Manager

Gemma Henry, Admin Assistant

Alison Thomas, ICT Support







Site Staff:

Kevin Scott

Site Maintenance



Zalabec Hyatt

Michelle Strong                  Kalinda Guiry

 Gill Ollenbuttel






Gill Ollenbuttel (Cook)

Michelle Strong and Lindsay Duffy 

(Assistant Cooks)