Pastoral Support

Extra Pastoral Support that the school can offer

Learning Mentor : Carol Saunders is our school’s Learning Mentor.

What support does Carol offer?  The support Carol can offer is individual to your family’s needs and this can be through home visit, by telephone or by meeting Carol in school.  Carol has great experience and knowledge and can provide ideas to make parenting less stressful.  This joint approach will, hopefully, make home life less challenging and will enable your children to achieve more in school.

Who does Carol support?  Anyone - whether it be a problem getting your child to sleep at night or you feel they aren’t making friends in school or you would like to discuss a home or school issue.

Why is Ladygrove Park Primary School offering this support?  We believe that parenting is amazing and rewarding but also very challenging at times and the opportunity to receive the right support at the right time can be invaluable.  We would much rather nip a problem in the bud before it grows.  We also believe that happy children do well at school and we want all our children to reach their potential.

When should I contact Carol?

  • If you have home issues you feel are affecting your child in school.
  • If there are issues in school affecting your child at home.
  • If you would like some practical tips e.g. bedtime routines, or managing challenging behaviour in your child.
  • If you are concerned about an aspect of your child’s behaviour and/or learning and are not sure who to talk to.

How do I contact Carol?  Carol can be contacted direct on mobile 07506 074 347 where you can leave a message and she will get back to you as soon as possible.  Carol will also be out on the playground most mornings and is available at the end of the school day, on most days, in the ‘School Den’ when you can meet with her in person.