Year 6

We now have free access to TimesTableRockStar' partner, 'Numbots' for at least a month.   Numbots has an emphasis is on mathematical concepts and is underpinned by a mastery approach to teaching.   Children use their same log-in details as for TTRS.  You can watch the powerpoint, complete the sheet and check the answers yourself. Don't worry about printing the sheets just copy the questions into your book or onto paper.



Re-write the parable of 'The Good Samaritan' as a modern day tale using Google Docs. Including speech and description of characters and/or settings. Watch as an example of a modern day re-telling of the story.


Maths: to watch the live lessons using this link:

And they can also work on the maths problem Five coins from ENrich I will set challenges and what of questions to extend this further. see attached 



Research the Battle of Hastings and present information in Google Slides. Suggested links:  


Art Task: Look at the file attached about the work of Keith Haring -  complete your own research into this artist and then create a one page document explaining how he works, with examples. You can then have a go at working in his style in any way you choose - I suggest NOT graffitiing any walls just use paper.


As well as this keep reading, use TTRS, check out the Body Coach you tube channel:

and use reading buddy.