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  Reading Newsletter - May 2019

  Newsletter No 25 - 22nd March 2019

  Newsletter No 26 - 29th March 2019

  Newsletter No 27 - 4th April 2019

  Newsletter No 28 - 26th April 2019

  Newsletter No 29 - 3rd May 2019

  Newsletter No 30 - 10th May 2019

  Newsletter No 31 - 17th May 2019

  Newsletter No 32 - 24th May 2019

  Newsletter No 33 - 6th June 2019

  Newsletter No 34 - 14th June 2019 

  Newsletter No 35 - 21st June 2019



Puberty Talks - Years 5 and 6 children - School Nursing Team  

Weighing and Measuring Letter to Reception and Year 6 Parents and leaflet

Footseps leaflet


 Relax Kids

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  JEXT Pens - Letter from the School Nursing Team

  School Nursing Team leaflet to Reception Parents

  School Nursing Team - Summer Newsletter Term 6 2019

  School Nursing Team - Summer Newsletter Term 5 2019

  School Nursing Team - Spring Newsletter Term 4 2019

  School Nursing Team - Spring Newsletter Term 3 2019


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 Picasa Web Information  Picasa Web Album: Throughout the year the teaching staff take photos of activities that the children do. These are uploaded to secure Picasa Web Albums for you to view. To access these send an email to telling us your child’s name and year group. These details will be added to the address book and the links will be sent to you. You will then receive future links to photo or videos that are relevant to your child’s year group.