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Ladygrove Park Primary School

Growing Excellence, Inspiring Success

Headteacher's Welcome

Introduction video to the Vision at Ladygrove Park

Explanation video of the Award Systems

Description video of the Pupil Leadership opportunities

Introduction video to the Curriculum and how to get regular parent information

At Ladygrove Park Primary School, we expect your child to become a successful citizen of the next generation.  We endeavor to give your child the tools which will enable this.

Children should grow up to be adults who are happy with the path they have chosen, be confident with learning for themselves, be resilient to always try their hardest to achieve then celebrate achievement and deal well with disappointment, knowing how to keep themselves safe and how to make the best decisions for their future/ where to go next.

At the school all the staff feel privileged to work in the field of education which is based on research about learning, always changing and being updated for the better.  The children should enjoy this journey and feel ready for their on going career in education.  They get this from social interaction, discovering their talents, experiencing everything, being resilient with challenges and making a contribution (no matter how small) to their community.

Children need to deepen their knowledge at every ability level- with a staff ethos which embodies high expectations and high nurture.  Are you ready to engage with the school to make your child achieve their best?

Andrew Markham, Headteacher