Foundation Stage trips are being planned

Reception Transition Leaflet from the School Nursing Team

How to keep safe near roads leaflet

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Year 1 - trips are being planned

Space Dome - 21st January 2020

Year 2 - trips are being planned

Year 2 Lego Workshops - 4th February 2020


Year 3 - trips are being planned



Year 4 - trips are being planned



Year 5

Kilvrough residential letter - June 2021

Fire Safety Awareness Booklet


Year 6

Year 6 SATS Information Powerpoint Presentation- September 2019

Yr 6 SATS Revision Guides - September 2019

Kilvrough Residential trip - July 2020

Fire Safety Awareness Booket

SATS Revision Resources

    KS2 Reasoning Part 1a    

    KS2 Reasoning Part 1b  

    Arithmetic Paper 1

    Answer Booklet   

    Reading Booklet

    English Reading Mark Scheme

    Paper 2 Spelling

    Paper 2 Spelling Mark Scheme

    Paper 1 PaG

    Paper 1 PaG Mark Scheme