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Ladygrove Park Primary School

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"A book is like a garden, carried in the pocket" Chinese Proverb



At Ladygrove Park Primary School, we strive for excellence in English achievement throughout the school. We hope to develop children’s abilities within a cross curricular programme of Reading, Writing and Speaking & Listening. Across all classes, pupils are given opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and use of spoken and written English, within a balanced and exciting curriculum. There are lots of opportunities for children to consolidate and reinforce taught English skills and to apply them in a range of contexts.

Children at Ladygrove Park Primary school will;

  • Learn how to read and write with fluency, understanding and confidence, developing a range of independent strategies to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Be encouraged to develop a love of reading and to read for enjoyment.
  • Develop their ever-growing vocabulary, through an interest in words and their meanings.
  • Experience a range of text/media types and genres, across a range of contexts, to develop their understanding.
  • Learn to write in a variety of styles and be able to apply common characteristic features of texts to their own writing, with the audience and purpose in mind.
  • Develop a technical vocabulary with understanding of grammatical terminology.
  • Learn how to apply grammatical terminology in their own writing.
  • Have the opportunity to write for pleasure; to explore and develop their own ideas.

Most importantly, children will have the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination.

Starting in Foundation Stage and continuing through Key Stage 1, we use Read Write Inc. - a lively, rigorous and daily phonics teaching programme, which helps pupils to learn the sounds and corresponding letters they need to read and write with fluency and confidence. This continues into Key Stage 2, for those children who may need phonics reinforcement, where spelling strategies become the main focus.

We teach English on a daily basis in every class and we cross reference literacy objectives with all other themed work in other subjects. Children are guided in their learning about grammar, punctuation, spelling, reading for understanding and for pleasure and writing in all formats and for a variety of audiences (including reports, formal letters, fictional plots, biographies, etc.). Most often, teachers will scaffold the learning for the best level of understanding and then ask children to apply what they have learnt by practising their new skills.

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