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What do your school Governors do and why should you care?

As parents or carers, we make the assumption that our children are being educated in the best possible way at our school. We feel comfortable knowing that they are in a safe and nurturing environment. We are sure the school spends the money it receives from the Government in a responsible way, towards funding the best education and opportunities possible for our children. You are absolutely right to make these assumptions, and it is our role as Governors to ensure that this is the case.

Governors of an academy trust have a varied and important role in helping the school run effectively. They have 3 core functions:

1. Planning the strategic direction of the school

2. Overseeing financial performance of the school and ensuring money is well spent

3. Holding the head teacher or school leadership to account, providing challenge and support where necessary

Who are your school governors? The Ladygrove Park Primary School Governing Body consists of 1 Staff Governor (Elaine Li-Koo); 4 Parent Governors (Samantha Drew, Sarah Hoskins, Afshon Farooq and Imran Lokhon), 2 School Governors (Isobel Kent and James Cook).

The focus of Governors in particular this year is ensuring that the school’s leadership deliver against key strategic areas. With that in mind, Governors this year will be focussing on the following:

1. Analysing safeguarding practices as well as Mental Health and Wellbeing of pupils and staff;

2. Scrutinising that there is a broad and balanced programme of curriculum teaching;

3. Strengthening Governor’s understanding of financial areas, including application of the Covid catch-up premium, recovery premium, and school-led tutoring.

How will we know if those key areas are performing to plan? We will rigorously scrutinise information we are presented with by the school’s leadership team. Such information includes: policy documentation; leadership reports; budget and other financial reporting, and many other sources of information. We will also partake in onsite and offsite virtual visits, interviews with key staff and also a representative group of pupils. Governors also take part in training, such as safeguarding.

Your school governors (with the exception of the staff governors) are not involved with the day to day operation of the school. This remains the responsibility of the Extended School Leadership Team.

If you would like to find out more about the Governing Body, or have a specific question for any of the Governors – in the first instance please contact the School Office via office.2609@ladygrove-park.oxon.sch.uk

To contact the Chair of Governors (Imran Lokhon), please contact the School Office.