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Welcome to Year 4


Our main topic for this term is ‘The Ancient Egyptians’. We will explore this topic through History (where we will be learning about key people, settlements and human features of these settlements - making connections to our Geography learning from the previous terms).

Big ideas: slavery, inequality, civilisation

Inspirational People: Lewis Hamilton, Chris Gardner and Mary Brodrick


Year 4 Curriculum Overview

Year 4 Curriculum Letters:

Term 1 2022/23

Term 2 2022/23

Term 3 2022/23

Term 4 2022/23

Term 5 2022/23

Term 6 2022/23


Year 4 Learning Organisers:

Term 1: Science - States of Matter / History - Tudors

Term 2: Science - The role of the skeleton

Term 3: Science - All Living Things

Term 4: Science - Sound / Geography - Human and physical features of a locality

Term 5: Science - Sound / Geography - The Great Outdoors, Marvellous Maps

Term 6: Science - Electricity / History - Ancient Egypt


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