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Welcome to Year 4


Welcome back Year 4! Firstly, we would like to thank you for your support last term. We had lots of fun learning about the Tudors and loved everyone's enthusiasm for the History topic! We are looking forward to yet another busy but fun term. To help you support your child, and give you an insight into their learning, we have outlined the basic areas of study coming up. 

Our main topic for this term is I Love the Way You Move. We will explore this topic through Science, Literacy, and our Guided Reading. Our class book this term will be ‘Jake's Bones’. 

Our Big Question this term is What does mutual respect look like?  


We will be asking deep questions around the Big Ideas, such as:

  • What does mutual respect look like? 
  • Why is it important to accept others and different situations?
  • How can we be more accepting?
  • Are there different ways to show mutual respect?

Every term we choose and learn about important Role Models, Collaborators and Thinkers.

This term we will be learning about: 

  • Evie Edwards - Paralympic Silver Medal Winner
  • Easton LaChappelle - Robotics Engineer for affordable artificial limbs

“I want to help people.” - Easton LaChappelle

Year 4 Curriculum Overview

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Year 4 Learning Organisers:

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