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"Look up at the stars not down at your feet." Stephen Hawking (English physicist, cosmologist and author)

Welcome to Year 1


This term, we will be exploring the theme of superheroes. English will be based around the fictional book, “Supertato” by Sue Hendra. This is a light story of a superhero in action, with the good character winning over the villain, carrying on nicely from our traditional tales in term 2.  

In Maths, we will be looking at representing and working with numbers up to 50, covering lots of thinking we have just done, but for the next set of numbers. This will help children revisit and secure their learning of these concepts. We will progress on to measurement – length, height, weight and volume - to apply our number knowledge in a practical way. 

We will continue the vegetable theme, through our Geography, looking at where different foods grow and why. In Science we will be looking at keeping our bodies healthy.

Our Big Ideas this term are HEROISM, VILLAINY AND HEALTHY LIVING.  We will be asking broad questions such as:

  • What is a hero? What does it take to be heroic?
  • What makes a villain bad?
  • What can we learn from stories with heroes and villains?
  • What is a healthy diet?
  • What does food do to our bodies? And exercise?
  • How do our food choices affect us and our planet?

Inspirational People we will be looking at are: 

  • Sir Tom Moore
  • Marcus Rashford
  • Greta Thunberg
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Marie Curie


Year 1 Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Curriculum Letters:

Term 1 2023/24

Term 2 2023/24

Term 3 2023/24

Term 4 2022/23

Term 5 2022/23

Term 6 2022/23


Year 1 Learning Organisers:

Term 1: Science - SeasonsHistory - Significant People and Castles

Term 2: Science - Materials / Geography - Mapping and road symbols

Term 3: Science - Simple Experiments / Geography - Mapping and road symbols

Term 4: Science - Plants and Healthy Eating /Geography - Direction

Term 5: Science - Classification / History - Dinosaurs

Term 6: Science - The Human Body / Geography - Our local environment

How can I support my child?

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