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Ladygrove Park Primary School

Growing Excellence, Inspiring Success

Forest School


"May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave."

Kate Forsyth (children's author, poet and fairy-tale reteller)


One of the most important objectives of Forest School is to foster a sense of belonging to a group of peers but also to enable children to function independently within that group.  Some of the activities that the young people will take part in may involve an element of risk.

Our Vision 

Forest School allows everyone, particularly children and young people, the opportunity to learn through experience within a woodland setting, to develop their self esteem and confidence in a hands-on manner.

Our vision is to enable each student attending Forest School sessions to:

  • have the opportunity to develop an inquisitive and positive relationship with the natural world;
  • increase confidence, self esteem and respect in preparation for an ever-changing world, and;
  • have the opportunity to achieve their complete and full potential.

The philosophy of Forest Schools is to inspire individuals of any age through positive outdoor experiences.

The Skills developed at Forest School

  • Co-operationThe children develop negotiating skills with each other and with adults; they learn to respect each other.
  • MotivationThe children develop the ability to focus, persevere through challenges and problem-solve.
  • Decision making: The children grow in their ability to take decisions in their play and in negotiation with each other.

What to Wear

During the winter months, the children need to wear 4-5 warm layers.  Trousers need to be thick and warm and wellingtons are essential.  

During the summer months, the children must continue to wear trousers and plenty of sun cream - don't forget a hat!

During the warmer weather, children need to continue to wear long sleeved tops and trousers to protect their arms and legs.

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing."

Alfred Wainwright (British fellwalker, author and illustrator)