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Ladygrove Park Primary School

Growing Excellence, Inspiring Success

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Staffing for September 2022-23

Senior Leadership Team

Andrew Markham: Headteacher, DSL Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Elaine Li-Koo: Deputy Headteacher EYFS & KS1, DDSL Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

(Carly Clarkson: Deputy Headteacher KS2, DDSL Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead - maternity leave)

Carrie Barringer: Acting Deputy Headteacher, Inclusion Manager, DT Designated Teacher for LAC, DDSL Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Keely Cook: Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

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Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 Teachers

Mary Houseman: Class 1 Nursery Leader

Keely Cook: Class 2 Reception Teacher & EYFS and English Lead

Lucy Storer: Class 3 Reception Teacher & EY Language Lead

Catherine Wales FS SCITT Associate Teacher

Lucy Stott & Cress Lai: Class 4 Year 1 Teachers & Arts Lead

Jo Hicks: Class 5 Year 1 Teacher & Phonics Check Lead

David Pearman Year 1 SCITT Associate Teacher

Sarah Gerard: Class 6 Year 2 Teacher

Chloe Boffin: Class 7 Year 2 Teacher 

Download the FS & KS1 Teacher List and Pen Portraits    

Key Stage 2 Teachers

Ella Hemery: Class 8 Year 3 Teacher & Humanities Lead

Matthew Addison: Class 9 Year 3 Teacher

Alice Langley: Class 10 Year 4 Teacher

Claire Shorrock: Class 11 Year 4 Teacher & Maths and STEM Lead

Ashley Francis: Class 12 Year 5 Teacher & Maths and STEM Lead

Gemma Fowkes: Class 13 Year 5 Teacher & English and Arts Lead

Katie Richardson Year 5 SCITT Associate Teacher

Marco Hernandez: Class 14 Year 6 Teacher & Humanities Lead

Sarah Coleman: Class 15 Year 6 Teacher 

Cathryn Fernandez: PPA Teacher

Amber Parsons: PPA Teacher

Jade Irving-Gordon PPA Teacher


Download the KS2 Teacher List and Pen Portraits

Inclusion Team

Carol Turner: SENDCo

Sarah Cheetham: Inclusion HLTA

Seth Humphries: Sports Coach HLTA

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Teaching Assistants

Nursery:  Joanna Davies

FS: Samantha Hicks, Sheila Tuckwell, Andrea Parsons, Heather O'Malley, Lisa Dixon, Vanda Thompson

Y1: Alison Jones, Grace Cockeram, Sky Broadhurst, Sally Andrews

Y2: Rebecca Stratton,  Lisa Snuggs, Jo Foster

Y3: Christine Forgan, Kalinda Guiry, Naomi Dodd

Y4: Maria Cheshire, Marianne Dearjean, Tracey Boden

Y5: Sara Wigley, Cath Deacon, Rosie Collins, Isabelle Brack   

Y6: Julie Browne, Sue Segal, Anne Addison, Kate Ross, Megan Clibbon, Alex Meyer, Seth Humphries, Caroline Humphries

Office Staff

Sam Riley: Bursar

Heather Jones: Finance Officer

Sarah Richards-Turner: Office and HR Manager

Katie Burnett: Administrative Assistant

Alison Thomas: ICT Technician


Premises Team

Kevin Scott: Site Manager

Gill Ollenbuttel: Cleaner

Michelle Strong: Cleaner

Kalinda Guiry: Cleaner

Sammi Hicks: Cleaner

Elia DeSousa: Cleaner

Zal Wheeler: Cleaner


Kitchen Team

Gill Ollenbuttel

Jessica Ollenbuttel