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Ladygrove Park Primary School

Growing Excellence, Inspiring Success


At Ladygrove Park Primary School, we want to inspire our children to succeed and excel, by growing and equipping every single child with the knowledge, confidence, skills and empathy that will allow them to lead rich and fulfilled lives. We are proud to provide our children with a creative and ‘irresistible’ curriculum, which is focused on engagement, enjoyment, knowledge, skills and understanding. Our curriculum intends to foster their curiosity, inspire their creativity and nurture them into knowledgeable and conscientious young people – educated citizens for the future.

Our curriculum is the road map for our pursuit of knowledge, understanding and skills. Our intent is that everything we teach is well-thought-out, ambitious and intellectually challenging. To be literate and numerate is a form of power; we empower our children by developing their ability: to read with deep understanding, to speak clearly and confidently, and to write expressively and with flair; to become fluent in the fundamentals of number, to reason mathematically, and to solve problems by applying their mathematical understanding. Through our curriculum, pupils develop their ability to read, write, speak, comprehend, debate, calculate, reason, problem-solve, so that they can seize the opportunities of a rich, lifelong education.

Across the different areas of our curriculum, we introduce children to the fascinating complexities of the world around them. We explore, for example the science behind, the questions that perplex us: ‘Will the sun always rise tomorrow?’; ‘Will AI become smarter than us?’; ‘Is everything connected?’, and we use our knowledge to ask even more probing questions. We learn about the events and the people from history, including the best that has been thought and said, which have shaped the present; we use this to help engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement, and to consider our society today, before asking, 'What will the future look like?’ . We bring the world into our classrooms: celebrating the cultural and religious diversity that enriches our Ladygrove Park community, and learning about the planet as critically-informed global citizens, who will know more, remember more and can do more.


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