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Ladygrove Park Primary School

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Pupil Roles

The school operates a number of enhanced roles for pupils. These responsibilities are designed to help the school develop, raise awareness of social issues and give pupils an early opportunity to lead on aspects of an organisation.

Diversity Ambassadors are selected from Year 4 and help the school to have better awareness of its range of cultures, backgrounds and religions.

Peer Mentors are selected from Year 5 and work as role models for younger children; they support the younger children in minor worries and raise school awareness of the importance of mental health. 

House Captains are elected by the school pupil body, from Year 6 candidates, three times a year. They are the Head Girls and Boys, who collate the School House points weekly, undertake lead of some assemblies and talk to the leaders about how to develop the school.

Digital Safety Leaders come from across the school and focus on raising awareness of the benefits and dangers of the online world, including sharing information and watching videos.